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Ajal Kumar
  • Ajal Kumar
    Job Info
    School of Engineering and Physics
    Position Title:
    Contact Info
    Phone #:
    +679 32 32147
  • Personal Info

    BSc PGD MSc PhD S.Pac. 



    Research Projects:


    • Wind Characteristics and Resource Assessment around Laucala Bay Area, Suva, Fiji. PDF
    • Solar–Wind Hybrid System. PDF




    Current Position


    • Lecturer


    Research and Teaching Area


    • Renewable Energy
    • Environmental Physics
    • Natural radioactivity


    Academic Information


    • Bsc GCEd, P.G.Dip (Phy). MSc, PhD (S.Pac)


    Previous Experience


    • 1994 - present Lecturer, USP


    • Research interests:
      • Renewable Energy (Wind power meteorology)
      • Natural Radioactivity
      • Neutron activation analysis
      • Soil erosion using 137Cs technique
      • Environmental Physics


    • Semester 1:
      • PH 102 Classical Physics
      • ES201  Soil Science
      • PH204  Quantum Physics
    • Semester 2:
      • PH 301 Energy Supplies
      • PH202  Environmental Physics
      • PH300  Research Project in Physics
      • PH407  Wind Power Theory and Applications

    Administrative Tasks and Other Duties

    • Departmental Responsibilities:
      • Review of 100 level courses
      • Analysis of student enrolments

    Selected  Publications  and Related Work





    1.   A. Kumar, S. Prasad. 2010 Examining wind quality and wind power prospects on Fiji Islands. Renewable energy 35, 536-540



    2.   R. Deo, A. Kumar, and P. Kumar. Effects of UV radiation on Human Health - Levels of Ultraviolet Radiation in Suva, Fiji'. Fiji Medical Journal. Volume 25        (2), 2006.



    3.   A. Kumar and R. Deo. Wind Regime in the proximity of the 20 kW experimental turbines at Nabua, Fiji. The South Pacific Journal of Natural Science. Volume 24, 2006.



    4.   Garimella,S., and Kumar A.  Natural radioactivity levels in soils of South-Eastern Vitilevu, Fiji.  The South Pacific Journal of Natural Science Volume 15, 1996.



    5.   Garimella,S., Koshy, K.,  Chand, S., Kumar, A., Jafar, M., and  Prasad, U.    “Instrumental neutron activation analysis of tropical mangrove sediments of Fiji”, SOPAC Bulletin, 1998.









    1.       Prasad, S.B. and Kumar, A. “Energy audit of the University of the South Pacific”, 2nd  European Congress on Economy and Management of Energy in Industry proceedings (Estoril, Portugal), 5-9 April 1994.



    2.       Garimella,S.,  Jafar, M.,  Kumar, A.,  and  Prasad, U.  “Natural radioactivity of soils of Viti Levu, Fiji”, VIII Pacific Science Inter-Congress,  Suva, Fiji, 13-19 July 1997.



    3.       Garimella,S.,  Koshy, K.,  Chand, S., Kumar, A., Jafar, M.,   and  Prasad, U.  “Neutron activation analysis of alluvial gold in tropical mangrove sediments of Fiji”, VIII Pacific Science Inter-Congress, Suva, Fiji, 13-19 July 1997.



    4.       Garimella,S.,  Kumar, A., Prasad, U., and  Jafar, M.,  “Natural radioactivity levels in soils of Fiji”,  Radioactivity and the Environment,  Conference of the South Pacific Environmental Radioactivity Association (SPERA),  Christchurch, New Zealand,  16-20 February 1998.



    5.       Weir, T. and Kumar, A. “Wind power in Fiji: (almost) too little or too much”, 3rd Internal solar energy society conference. Asia Pacific Region, Sydney, Australia, 25-28 November, 2008.



    6.       Kumar, A. “Central Data Repository (CDR) for renewable energy initiatives of the Pacific Island Countries (PIC’s). Sustainable Renewable Energy Resources Workshop, USP, Suva, Fiji, 04 Dec, 2009.



    7.  Teaching Physics in high Schools, UNESCO funded Science Teachers Workshop, USP, 6 December 2007 (Public Lecture).



    8.   Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development. USP Tonga Campus, 17 September, 2009, 6.30 pm (Public Lecture).









    1. Kumar, A.  The study of natural radioactivity of soils using gamma-ray spectroscopy,  MSc Thesis, 1996.



    2. Kumar, A.  Using the Caesium-137 (137Cs) technique to assess soil erosion under sugarcane cultivation in Fiji, PhD Thesis, 2006.









    1. Kumar, A., M. Kumar, S.B. Prasad and J.Roberts Energy audit of the University of the South Pacific, 1994.



    2. Kumar, A. Sound level monitoring around China Club 1996.



    3. Kumar, A and A. Gautam.   Environmental Effects from a Wood-fired Boiler, 2007.





    Special Responsibilities


    1.   USP Anti-litter committee (2002-2003)



    2.   Staff student Liaison Committee (2006- 2009)



    3.   Fiji College of Agriculture Academic Board (2006)



    4.   FST Calendar Committee (2006)



    5.   CROP (EWG) chaired by SOPAC



    6.   Moderator, FIT Diploma in Agriculture (I) Physics Paper.



    7.   FST degree 2 and degree 3 advisor (2007-2009)



    8.   FIT foundation physics assessor for USP Accreditation

    Publications in USP Electronic Research Repository

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