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ACIAR-USP Postgraduate Scholarship eligibility criteria and guidelines to apply (APPLICATIONS CLOSED)

In 2017 four scholarships will be awarded for applicants interested in pursuing a Master's by research degree at USP. Successful applicants will begin their study in Semester 1, 2018 at USP. For information on student entitlements please read through the scholarship benefits.

The ACIAR-USP Postgraduate Scholarship is unique in that interested applicants are required to work on research that is related to an active ACIAR Pacific Project. As such interested applicants are encouraged to research more information on ACIAR projects via the ACIAR-USP Pacific project list.


Applicants who wish to accept an ACIAR-USP Postgraduate scholarship will be required to sign a contract with USP declaring that they will comply with all conditions of the scholarship. Successful scholarship recipients will be expected to complete a Masterís by research degree within their scholarship tenure.


Scholarships are only open to citizens from the Pacific Island Countries of Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. To be eligible for selection, a candidate must:

  • Meet the USP admission requirements for entry into the Masterís by Research degree program or qualify for the USP Postgraduate Diploma into Masterís by research degree pathway.
  • All applicants must provide a research intent which outlines the research they plan to undertake in relation to an ACIAR research project.
  • At the time of applying the applicant must have completed an undergraduate degree or postgraduate diploma from USP (or equivalent) with a GPA of at least 3.5.

Applications which remain incomplete at the published time of closing of the scholarship (Tuesday 31 October 2017) will not be forwarded to the assessment stage.


Applicants who meet the following criteria will be given preference during the selection process:

  • Completed a USP Postgraduate diploma (or equivalent) and qualifies for direct entry into the USP Masters by Research Program;
  • Have provided a solid research proposal or research intent that is closely aligned to an active ACIAR Research Project that addresses research associated to improving livelihoods;
  • Have included within their research intent a specific component targeted at collecting gender disaggregated data;


Applications for the scholarship are open until the 31 October 2017. Interested applicants can apply either electronically or through hard copy via mail.

Applying electronically (Preferred method of scholarship application by administrators)

  1. Fill in the ACIAR-USP Scholarship application form using Microsoft word.
  2. Attach supporting documents as listed below.
  3. Email application to viliamu.powell(at) with the title ACIAR-USP Scholarship application 2017.

Applying through hardcopy

  1. Fill in the ACIAR-USP Scholarship application form using Microsoft word.
  2. Attach supporting documents as listed below.
  3. Mail application to "ACIAR Scholarship Officer, Research and Graduate Affairs, Faculty of Science Technology and Environment, Administration Officer, The University of the South Pacific, Private Mail Bag, Suva, Fiji.


The following supporting documents are mandatory and must be provided with your application:

  • Research proposal or research intent.
  • Certified copies of degree certificates.
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts.
  • Proof of citizenship (birth certificate).
  • Identity document (passport, drivers licence etc).
  • Referees report, Note that the referee report is related to an applicant's research capabilities and should address the following:
    • Provide a clear evaluation of the ability of the applicant to undertake research.
    • Provide information on whether the applicant has conducted previous research and to comment on the applicants performance. 
  • If employed, letter of release from employer stating that they support your application for the scholarship and would release you if you are successful with your application.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Should you wish for more information on contacting ACIAR project leaders or about the scholarship application process please contact the ACIAR-USP Graduate Assistant Officer Mr. Viliamu Powell via email: viliamu.powell(at) or phone: (679) 3232 804.



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